Monday, April 13, 2009

Linda Zacks

I ran in the rain today. I'm undecided as to whether I like it or not. Definitely an experience. Effective, also, in venting accumulating anger against certain individuals; Mother decided to have a go at me for quitting my job. Whatever, I have more time to paint, do homework, socialise, train etc etc. I hated that job, it brought me nothing but stress and a couple of extra dollars.

Anyway, in regards to inspiration for the day,  I've been a fan of
Linda Zacks for a while now. She has a kind of messy aesthetic, really emotive and almost spontaneous. Some of her work can be really confronting too. I never get sick of looking through her amazing handmade books, full of quirky quotes like 'I swallowed a rainbow, got drunk on air and puked it up all over the world." Here's some of her work in paris, makes me want to hit the poetry books...

Heading off to the big smoke tomorrow that is Sydney. Chiefly for a University introduction day, but also for shopping! I need shoes for the debutante ball. Even though I love living on the coast I always feel accepted in the city, like I can be myself. Be it Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, there always seems to be such a creative unique vibe resonating amongst the streets. I can wear whatever I want to wear and not feel judged. Where as here, heels are strictly for formal evening functions and it is almost expected that at least one garment you sport bears the words Roxy, Ripcurl or Billabong. I guess I've just got to learn to defy the conventions. 

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