Friday, June 5, 2009

So, If I was rebellious and shit, which I'm not, I'd leave home and follow some fancy dream of mine. I'd make like fire. I'd leave a little note on the kitchen table for my unassuming and proud parents. It'd be short and sweet, something like "fuck expectations, but I still love you". And with a thousand bucks or so, my paints, canvas, brushes, and a camera, I'd hitch-hike my way to the city. Maybe acquire swine flu along the way. From there I'd catch the next flight to France, or some equally appealing country and rely purely upon the kindness of strangers and bus shelters. My parents would be worried sick so I'd send them a post card with minimal yet reassuring details. SO... long story short, I'd hit the bucks big time with my paintings and what not. I'd get friendly with all the incredibly well dressed euros, my paintings would grace galleries and the pages of too many magazines. I'll go down in history.

Ha. I make myself chuckle.

Weekends are horrible when you know how much homework you've got to do. Procrastination is the only solution.

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p.s. Alice Dellal and I go way back.

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