Friday, March 26, 2010

where is my mind?

These images kind of suit my mood at the moment. I've come to the conclusion that exams are simply soul crushing, and I'd rather be frolicking wildly in the forest beside our home. I don't remember who photographed these or where I found them, but their anonymity, in this case, adds to their meaning in my eyes. They are simply raw photographs, undisturbed by the preconceptions surrounding the person behind the camera. The bottom image is beautiful, I think. It epitomises my aspiring thoughts about the future, the constant daydreaming that I'm possessed by of late. I love that these mountains, these imposing masses of earth, stoical in their presence, have been cut out and pasted on a wall. It strangely magnifies their majesty in a way. For me, it prompts thoughts about the possible trip to Nepal mum and I might be taking... I'm so ridiculously excited about life after hsc, it hurts.

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